lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

RAWR magazine

Long time ago, when my little one fell in love with dinosaurs, I found this poster on internet:

I don't know whether YC and Daniela knew it when they created  RAWR magazine, but I feel that the previous sentence is a definition of what they usually do.

RAWR is an on-line Finish magazine about kids' fashion, children, home-made parties with a sense of style, design, real but exceptional mums and everyday life in Helsinki.

Although being located in Finland, they write in English (thanks god) and I am lucky enough to be a monthly collaborator, writing post from the point of view of an expatriate family living in  Helsinki.

During October, they are participating with Design Forum, one of my favourite shops in Helsinki, in a kids shop in shop section: Scandinavian design for the little ones.

 The inauguration was this Saturday, so we went there to have a look to the exhibition and say hello. As expected, it didn't disappoint us.

There was furniture as colourful and special as those stools with the shape of a button.

(I wanted to tell you from which brand they are, but I do not remember. Promise that I will try to know it)

Design toys as these Pony from Eero Aarnio.


Rattles for babies, so cute as those ones:

Mummo mouses

And clothes from many Finnish brands, all available in the same place:

moda finesa

Those little dogs are sold in a diy package. The package contains the fabric with the silhouette of the animal printed on it and you have to cut it and sew it at home. We have one but it is currently at grandma's as I am not very good on those matters.

Do you know Aarrekid?

It is a Finish brand that sells kids clothes with beautiful prints. I love it and so does Pol.


Besides all I have shown you and much more Finish design (not only for kids, I must say), RAWR has opened a pop-up store with Scandinavian brands as  BANGBANG Copenhagen, Mini Rodini, Jumina and the famous Finish brand  Ivana Helsinki , that has created a girls collection specially for RAWR.

rawr pop-up store

YC and Daniela welcome us with cold lemonade and a big smile. They are so lovely!


If you live in Helsinki or if you are visiting us this month, I highly recommend you to pay a visit to the Design Forum shop. It is one of those shops that always have something to offer.

marimekko for rawr

And if you feel so, you can take some Finish design with you. I was on love with almost everything, even with the package, isn't it beautiful?


Do you want to share a lemonade with me?

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