lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Moments that make me happy

After a period in my life where things seemed to be more difficult that expected, I have decided to remember myself that the small things are what make our life special.

For that reason, every Thursday,  I will try to post here special moments that remind me (and you) that life is beautiful and a perfect adventure.

Here you have the first pill:

Momentos que me hacen feliz (1)
Picture taken by Jaume with the phone.
Many thanks :)

I was trying to take some nice pictures of the ground, specifically of one small mushroom, but it was not possible. My little helper was too interested in my exercise and he didn't get quiet enough.

This was the best I could do:



(I always publish first in my Spanish blog. It could be possible that I will be late for the translated post, but I will do my best to come here any Thursday :) )

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