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One of my goals when I came to Finland was to learn how to knit and crochet.

I haven't started with the knitting, but I am kind of a beginner regarding crochet matters.

Last May, my friend Helena recruited me for a very special project: decorating a tree.

arbol 28
Introducing you our tree.

Helsinki's Youth Department organised an event for covering with yarn graffittis the trees of one of its most famous parks: Ruttopuisto park. The event was part of Helsinki's World Design Capital 2012 programme.


Everybody was able to participate, not depending on age, nationality or any kind of condition.

The morning of the 25th of August the park was full of people willing to decorate the trees with all the colours of the rainbow.


The trees became more alive.


And I didn't know where to look or which pictures I should take


It was as if the summer finally arrived to Helsinki and the flowers started growing after a long winter.


It was not only the view and the trees, it was also atmosphere. After having a not so warm summer, the weather was almost perfect so the people organised picnics and ad hoc teaching lessons.


It's amazing how many original people there is out there!


Do you remember the rings I learned to make in June?


They were part, together with many others, of a very long chain that was used to decorate three trees.


It was a pleasure walking or having a sit underneath them.

And you should be wondering about our tree. Ok, this was the result of 5 people working apart but together in the same topic.


My collaboration was the two buntings that decorate the upper and down part of the tree, plus some granny squares that we used to close the round.

Nothing compared with the beautiful things that my colleagues did, but I am just a beginner.


Here 4 of the 5 members of the group.


The park became so nice that it was a pleasure walking to work every day. Not even the rain, that has been with us almost every day since then, has diminish the positive effect of all that colours.

A nice day to remember, I am not going to forget it.

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