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My 12 portuguese treasures

After a long, long break, we're back again. Back to work, back from holidays and trying to organise our life after moving to a new apartment.

But today I don't want to talk about the future, I want to go back to the past and show you a sneak peak of our holidays in Portugal.

During them, we were playing with the photographer Jackie Rueda and her flickr group "La Vuelta al Mundo" in the hunting of 12 treasures all around the world. I always enjoy those games that allow you to discover the places you visit from another point of view, so here we go.

The first treasure was a grocery store. We found this one in the neighbourhood of Graça in Lisbon:

Tesoro 1: un puesto de frutas y verduras

The kind of place where the owner knows anyone and always asks about your family and friends. The  kind of place I like the most and that I cannot find here in Helsinki unless I drive to the marketplace.

For the second one, we have to show our favourite place.

I have been thinking a lot about that. I really did.

I could show you our apartment in Lisbon, an oasis of design and relaxation, or any of the multiple beaches where we were almost alone, enjoying the sound of the see and the smell of salty water. I also could show you the hammock under the tree in our small house located in the middle of nowhere or the rural fields bathed with the beautiful light of sunset.

But after thinking in all of them and revisiting one by one in my memory, I realised that this was our favourite place:

Tesoro 2: un lugar favorito 

In the middle of the Alentejo area, hanging on the top of a tree, this tree house was definitely our favourite place during the holidays. Too high for an almost 2 years old boy, but a dream to anyone not depending on the age. Love at first sight.

There we spent many of our afternoons: singing, playing or telling tales. The definition of happiness.

If I weren't told you at the beginning of the post where we went, the third treasure could give you a hint of our destination. Portugueses tiles reflected in a beatiful old building. I was amazed for the different designs and patterns they have and all of them were beautiful.

Tesoro 3: un reflejo

And we return to the sunset in the Alentejo area, because the 4th treasure was a swing.

Tesoro 4: Un columpio

This was too dangerous for the little one, mainly because he wants to do everything by himself with no help from anybody, but when he allowed me to swing ourselves together, we were able to touch the sky.

Coming back to Lisbon for the 5th one, the night. I can hear the trams up and down, smell the grilled sardines and feel the breeze entering in the room. Can you?

Tesoro 5: la noche 

You are not going to believe it. The 6th one was the easiest: an ice cream or an ice cream parlour.

Summer in the south of Europe calls for an ice cream everywhere you go, but not this time. We were always so full of nice food that we didn't find the moment to eat one. Once we were almost buying it, in Santini, the most famous ice cream place in Lisbon, but Pol thought that was the perfect moment to run down the hill at full speed. No comments.

In the way back home, in the airport of Munich we found this one, ready for my click and here it is.

Tesoro 6: una heladería

The 7th treasure was the most difficult one. The idea was to photograph drawings in the ground and although we tried hard, we didn't find any.

The solution: did it ourselves. We dedicate it to the Portuguese landscapes where we left a piece of our heart.

tesoro 7 un dibujo en el suelo

An coming back to Lisbon, we needed to photograph movement for the 8th treasure. Here you have the most blurred picture of the history of photography, but with a small toddler wanting to see what your are doing all the time and without tripod, I discover a new definition of movement.

tesoro 8: movimiento

Lisbon can be chaotic or peaceful as peaceful was the place where We found treasure number 9: books.

9 tesoro: libros

While Pol was sleeping under a tree, I was going up and down everywhere, trying to see what it is difficult to reach for a baby stroller. At the bottom of thousand of stairs I found my treasure: a small bookshop crowed with old books that were also colonising the street. A paradise!

We were supposed to find the 10th treasure in a playground but we didn't found many. We preferred to play in the streets or climb stairs up and down, so we chose this bench that we found in the middle of the street.

tesoro 10: un banco 
I love it because seem to have spent ages there, hearing all the gossips of the neighbourhood, enjoying long conversations or being the perfect scenery for sharing summer loves.

We are almost at the end of our search. The 11th treasure was postcards. Those pieces of paper that show how a city is or feels. In black or white or with a profusion of colours.

I love these ones. They are different and very colourful, aren't they?


And with the last treasure: a parasol,  I say goodbye. I will imagine that I am under it, reading a fancy magazine and looking to my favourite men in the world.

bajo la sombrilla

But this time, I promise coming back sooner and try to show you a bit more of what we have seen.

See you soon!

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