domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012


Something that every child learns before even being able to talk is how to imitate the sound of any animal.

Pol is not very keen at it, maybe because it is difficult to understand why the animals make different sounds depending on the person that teaches them.  Animals do not sound the same in Spanish, Catalan, English and Finish, that's a pity.

But if he needed to choose a favourite animal, I am sure it will be the beeee or the muuuu, easy question

pol y las beees

We spent part of last holidays in a farm in Portugal and Pol went everyday to say good morning and good night to them.  Beeee.

So when I started thinking in a special way to decorate his bedroom, it become clear that a flock of sheep would be the best option. Now they observe how he plays and watch him while he is sleeping.

from Pol's window

I have to admit it. Although I already have plenty of boxes to open after the moving, I prefer to spend my time crafting small things that without effort can change the feeling of a room.

A garland of beees.

Simple idea and simple execution. I was looking for something that could be finished fast. Have you seen the view from Pol's window? The day was amazing and the winter is approaching, so I didn't want to spend more that an hour inside and this is what I did.

I looked into my crafty drawer and foamy was the most appealing material to me.

Goma eva

In Spanish we call it Goma eva. It is a clean material and it is very easy to use, even for the youngest ones.

I looked for a pattern in internet (I am not very good at drawing), but the truth is that I am in love with Black Oveja. Pol (and me) are very grateful to have them hanging in our home. Thanks Merche.

Once you have the pattern you only need to trace it in the foamy and cut it.

mis tijeras
If you don't know Black Oveja, I invite you to visit her blog or if you are so lucky to be in Madrid, her shop. 
Merche has one of the most amazing shops in the world.

Then you have to choose the material to hang your garland. The most difficult moment for me, as I was not able to decide which to use.


At the end, I chose a green rope, a grass environment for my dearest sheep. The truth is that after all my doubts, the colour cannot be properly seen as the light comes from its back.

Before hanging it, I recommend you to test first the location of each sheep. That way you will be sure that you have more or less the same space between them.

You can use tape, with one or two faces, or if you feel very creative, washi tape.


Once you have everything set, it is the time to glue. I preferred not to use liquid glue or silicone as I was not sure whether they stain the foamy.

Instead I used glue pearls, usually used for sticking pictures or in scrapbooking. I use them for almost everything. They are clean, easy to use and glue almost every material.



beee bokeh

They are beautiful and I love how they have changed Pol's room. They look amazing on the window.

He also loves them and keep saying hello every time he comes in.  Beeeee.


The room is far to be finished but I think that this is a good beginning.

Now we are saying good-bye. It is time for feeding our friends. Beeee.


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