lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

4 years

It has been 4 years since I arrived here.

In Spain I left my professional career, friends and family.

It was indeed a tough decision, but I do not regret it. My family and friends are still there for me and, although I had to make a twist to my professional career, changes have been always welcomed to my life.

In all this time I have learned that the timing is different up here.

Autumn starts in August.


Winter knocks our door at the end of October and says good-bye at the beginning of May.

IMG_7147 copy

Spring comes from one day to the other and it goes as suddenly as it came. Maybe this is the reason why it is one of my favourites moments of the year.

Watching how everything changes from black and white to a profusion of colors is one of the most beautiful things of the world.


End of June is the middle of Summer. A period of time that you must enjoy 100%, as darkness is approaching fast.


I have learned that the word cold has not the same meaning for everybody and that the quality of the clothes is much more important than the amount of them.


At the beginning we were two. Now we are three.

At the beginning we were alone and now we have plenty of friends.


My Spanish blog started with the idea of telling  family and friends how was our life in this cold land.
My first post was about a snowy day and it has been thousand of them like it.

Desde la ventana

And in the meantime, many people have joined us in our journey. First in the Spanish version of this blog and some of you, here, where I try to translate what it is going on.

It is amazing to think how fast everything has happened, how many things we have learned, how many experiences we have lived.
Mi espacio

I would like to celebrate it. Blow up candles, eat cake and open presents.

I would love to make you a present, but I do not have one for every of you, so I have decided to do a giveaway.

You only have to let a comment in this post or in its Spanish version and, next Sunday, an innocent hand will choose two of you.


As present, there are two options:

1. A printout of one of my photographs.

You can find them in this blog, in the Spanish version or in my flickr account.   The winner can choose one, all except my family photos.

Oh la lá

2. The second choice is a story.

You send me one or two of your pictures, explain me something about them and I will prepare you a story.
pol 1 año

This is a picture of Pol in his first birthday. You can see here what he liked and what he didn't like at that moment of time.
Things have changed since then.

Let's blow the candles together, because there are plenty of things to celebrate.

1. The pictures for this post have been taken during those four years. It is amazing to see how much I have learned since the beginning.
2. I am NOT a professional photographer, but photography has given me many things during these 4 years. This is the reason that photography will be involved in the giveaway.

2 comentarios:

  1. ¡Cuatro años! cuantas cosas pueden pasar en ese tiempo, como la llegada de Pol, entre las cosas mas lindas que has vivido por allá.
    Las fotos narran una bonita historia, me ha encnatado la manita de Pol y las de nieve, que belleza Conchi.
    Esperemos muchos muchísimos años mas llenos de hermosas vivencias y mucho amor.


  2. ¡Qué niño más guapo! Y qué fotos más preciosas, ojalá las hiciera yo así de bien o por lo menos la mitad de bien jejeje.

    beso grande