lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012


Helsinki is full of magical places. Places displaying and selling Nordic design, or any kind of beautiful things, inclusive in the most hidden places.

Moko is one of them. Located in an old industrial area and surrounded by designer studios, Moko is a place where you can find everything, or almost everything.


This little house at the end of the corridor is not for selling. 
It's part of the area where children can play and it is filled with comfortable cushions.
There is also a table full of crayons and paper and the toilet is also prepared for the little ones.

They have (vintage) furniture, linen, clothes, stationary, hundreds of books, crockery and even food.

They have unique pieces, like the old camera or the cash register that you can see in the picture


and imported goods.


Boxes of any colour you can think and cosmetics in wonderful packages. I love that. I can buy all of them even if I'd never use them.

Everything is "casually" located, although I am sure that it has taken hours to achieve this effect.


The kind of place where you can spend hours: touching, opening drawers, searching, looking at everything, choosing and thinking where to put so many beautiful things in your life.


Besides they have a marvellous coffee shop.


Full of flowers, light and life.
With long tables, unmatching chairs and interesting people to look at.
There are also magazines, dishes and cups so beautiful that you want for your own home and a relaxing atmosphere to think, imagine or just be there.

Look how amazing cakes they have:


And children are welcome.


Definitely Moko is one of my paradises and you cannot miss it if you come to Helsinki or just live here.


MOKO: Perämiehenkatu 10 (

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  1. Great place you found there. And really nice pictures!

  2. Todo un descubrimiento de inspiración tus blogs.
    Desde ya seguidora, te deseo lo mejor en tu andadura escandinava.
    Abrazos desde Madrid