lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

The sledge

Last week it started snowing.

It snowed during the day


,but also during the night.


All day long snowing.


So this weekend, we weren't able to go anywhere with Pol's pushchair. It was like trying to push it in a beach full of sand. No way.

At the beginning we were considering let him walking, but after half an hour and only 10 meters covered, we decided to come back home and try the sledge.


Of course, the sledge was the best solution, as every Finish knows.


We walked, we played  and after so much exercise, we decided to make a break having a coffee.


We parked outside and just enjoyed the moment.


Pol talked to everybody. I am sure he was explaining how marvellous day he had had in his own language, this that nobody is able to understand, but it is so funny to hear.

Regata is one of the most picturesque places in Helsinki. Although it appears in all travelling guides,  it is always full of local people. There are people enjoying a coffee after some cross-country skiing, people sitting outside enjoying winter sun at -10ºC temperature or like us, people relaxing after ten minutes of exercise.

I would love to show you pictures of the interior of the cafeteria, but the little one was very tired and we have to come back home.


Another day I will invite you to a virtual coffee. It's a deal.

In the meanwhile, here it is the milk.

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  1. Qué fotos mas bonitas!!!
    acepto el cafecito virtual...

    1. Pau lo que deberís es venirte a tomar uno face to face. :) Yo invito