lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

For this weekend

I had plenty of things planned:

1. Cook stuffed potatoes for "El Club del tupper"

"El Club del tupper" is a cooking project of 11 Spanish bloggers. We cook the same recipe every month and share our experiences with everybody that wants to read us.

Last month we cooked sweet bread that it is very typical for the "Three wise men" day. It was delicious.

Mi roscón pre navideño

This month Lucía has challenged us to cook stuffed potatoes in the way her aunt does, but we haven't had time to look for potatoes suitable for being stuffed. Finish's potatoes are usually too small for this matter.


Following the link, you can see the recipe.
Of course, it is in Spanish, but I can translate it for you if you want it.
Just let a comment telling me.

2. Buy and sledge and enjoy sliding in the snow.

Pol loves playing with the snow and I am sure all our falls will deserve his happy face (plus sliding is one of the funniest things in this world)

3. Going out and take pictures of our beautiful winter, so I can share them with you.


This picture was taken from my office's window.
It's the closet we have been from the snow, I mean both together.
Result: 0 of 3.

We have been doing practical stuff: shopping boring things, cleaning and so on, so the best part of the weekend can be summarised like this:

Come up, let's read tales here in bed.


This is our last favourite book. It is from Marion Billet
It is called Nature and the illustrations are beautiful. 
It has a small buttons in each page that reproduce sounds from nature and Pol loves to play with it.

When mommy is tidying up, I have to do it too.


Now that his little hands can open every drawer and reach any high surface, his favourite toy is the cutlery drawer.
I have removed everything that it's dangerous for him and now it's full of  tops, plastic spoons and wood cooking utensils.
 The paradise.

Having a nap together:


This happens to me almost every time I try to get him to sleep, but this time is just pretending.
It is my second picture with him for my "52 moments with mommy project"
Do you want to join me?

Oh, look at that! Outside it's night again.


Ok, let's have a coffee and relax!


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