lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

52 special moments

I have been a lazy person, I know.

I have been posting only in my Spanish blog and not here, but as a New Year's resolution, I will try to keep both updated.


Last year's resolution was to document a whole year of my baby boy through, at least, a picture per week: 52 pictures that explain everything he has learned, enjoyed and laugh during 365 days.

My creation My creation

I made the collage using Bighugelabs, an easy tool that can be used when you need something easy and fast, as today.
In flickr you can find all the pictures, together with other angles, making offs and images that I would like to remember for ever.

It is so magic to see all this moments in a same shot,  that I have been smiling and laughing while I was preparing the collage. (Some tears appeared as well, I admit)

The whole set can be seen here: 52 semanas con Pol

For this year, I was thinking on another angle for the project and it became clear when Rosa and Carol invited me to join a new flickr group called 52 moments with mommy and daddy.

I am always the one behind the camera, almost never in front, so I decided that it is time for a change.

Do you want to see my first picture?

(1/52) Nieva, mamá, nieva

From here I invite you to start your own project. You do not need to be a good photographer or have plenty of time. Your point and shoot camera, your mobile phone or a fancy camera, everything is ok to capture small bits of life that you will remember always.

It deserves it, I promise.

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