lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Paris mon amour

I was 16, the first time I went to Paris.


I've never travelled so far before, and it was alone!

Freedom, a beautiful city and one of my best friends to share the experience. Could it be more perfect?


The second one was five or six years later.

I have loved the city so much that I spent my first salary in a journey for four to Paris.

Me, my two sisters and my little brother. One week in Paris.

I remember our trips in the subway, the Quartier Latin, the picnics near the Sena and laughs, a lot of laughs.

My favorite sisters and brother, Paris and a perfect trip.


On September, our little family of three spent a week in Paris. My third time, but feeling as the first time again.

Paris is as beautiful or more than I remembered it
   In love with Paris

An inspiring city. It is not possible to walk around without stopping every 5 minutes to admire something.


A magical place.

We will come back. I know it.

Back from Paris

And it will be as the first time.

Different, but Paris.


Because "Paris vaut bien une messe".

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