lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Nuuksio Natural Park

My idea was writing again about Paris. About its little people and its parks.

  Con papá

But on Saturday, the day was sunny, without a cloud in the sky and, after weeks of rain and cold weather, Paris went out of my mind.

Do you want to have a walk with us?
    Un paso tras otro

We feel very lucky. Although we live in the centre of a a city, we're surrounded by nature. Everything is blue and green wherever you look at, except on Winter, of course, that everything is white and light grey.  :)

So on Saturday morning, we chose Nature instead of asphalt, and we head for Nuuksio National Park.

Only half an hour far from the city, you can find this beautiful landscape.


And as our little Pol only wants to walk,


we had a wonderful walk through the forest.

November is coming and we know that we will miss this light, so it was time to charge our batteries for the darkness to come.


Pol can walk alone now, but he never tries the same direction as us, so we needed to change our strategy: up with mummy, Pol.


At the beginning he was not very happy, but then going down and up, he was all the time talking, trying to explain us the wonderful new world around him.


(Mummy, with daddy is better. I can see everything from here) 

 There is nothing like stopping for contemplating the beautiful view,


while we wait for mommy. She´s always taking pictures and sometimes they are very, very strange. I didn't see that during our walk.


It's the last time, I promise.


Well, it wasn't the last one, but now it is time for a wonderful nap in the car.


Saturday was almost perfect. Don't you think so?


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