martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Sevilla has a different color

This was how Helsinki weather was like the day before going on holidays


and this is how Sevilla welcome us.


I must tell you, although we come from the South of Europe, 38 degrees Centigrades it is too much for 9 in the evening. Too much time living in Finland, I suppose.

We had four busy fantastic days, full of family, old friends and good food. (We love good food, don't you?)
(Cousins and friends enjoying their time)

(We enjoy tapas and discovered new restaurants) 

We celebrated love with a wonderful couple


and we enjoyed a new way of travelling, discovering the city from our baby's eyes.

(You can sit down there if you wish, I wan to discover the world)


Sevilla is so beautiful as we remembered.

And although this time I couldn't take so many pictures, I am sure that we are not going to forget these days.

Who could forget a farewell like this?


A toast for the married couple, love, family, good friends and holidays. Also for all of you.


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