lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Wedding time

Sometimes, only sometimes, everything fits and the perfect occasion arrives.

It is something rare, I know, but it happens and this time has happened to us. Lucky guys!

This Saturday we have a wedding.

IMG_3449 copy

In Seville.

We will party, meet family and above all, we'll celebrate with a couple in love.

We are travelling in advance for enjoying sun, good food and better people. A pleasure.

Next Saturday we'll have a wedding.

In Paris.

We will party, meet friends and enjoy the day with two people that want to shout loud that they love each other.


And we're happy. For the love, the friendship and because Paris deserves a whole week on holidays.

So friends, we want tips, recommendations, all those secret addresses that you are keeping in a box.

IMG_9535 (I spent a whole wonderful afternoon, cutting, and painting thanks to  Made by Joel)

In exchange, we promise pictures, good feelings and if you are good enough, some delicious macarons.

See you soon.

Au Revoir, olé!

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