jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

Pol + 1

In this moment, one year ago, I was happily having a nap.

It sounds something stupid to explain here, I know, but if you consider that it's 9 in the evening and that I do not like naps, maybe you could consider that nap as a strange special one.

And it was.

Exactly one year ago, after many hours without sleeping, several hours in pain, lots of hopes and wishes, tears, laughs and one shot, I was sleeping my last nap before contemplating for the very first time the face of my favourite boy number 1.


(Favourite boy number 2, it's hard to say but it's true. I love you too, but today it´s favourite boy number 1 birthday
and he deserves having the first position. Do you forgive me? ;))

One year ago, at 11:34, my favourite boy number 1 was born and today, 365 days after, we have celebrated it.


We have started the day having breakfast all together. 6 a:m is a good time for breakfast, isn't it?


The kitchen was full of balloons and we had toasts with butter.
Balloons, toast, mum and dad, four favourite things in Pol's little world. But this is what a birthday is about, isn't it?



We have prepared some small presents for his friends from the daycare. Little man cookies with chocolate eyes. Yummy!

In his class there is a small celiac girl, something usual in Finland, so we prepared also special cookies without gluten for her. A party is not a party if everybody is not enjoying it. And we love big parties.


(There is no picture of the cookies. This morning we enjoy our little breakfast so much, that we have to run to work.)

When in the afternoon we went to pick him up, his favourite teacher told us that the day was so wonderful and exciting that he felt asleep when he has having lunch.

They prepared a big party for him, with songs, our cookies and a present: a beautiful handmade card that I promise to show you when I have proper light to take a good picture of it. It deserves it.

And as the party must go on, we opened all the present in front of the camera, sharing the moment with the family.

Maybe we are thousands of kilometres away, but thanks to the new technologies, Pol feels them very near. There are always laughs and smiles when he sees his grandparents, aunts or cousins at the other side of the screen. It's love at first sight.


He was so tired, that we sang happy birthday and blown his candle very early in the evening. It was so, so early, that tomorrow he will want to play with his new toys around 5 a.m. I know. I can feel it.


On Saturday we will make the big celebration in the zoo. Only for our small family of 3. Cross your fingers for us, because today, as the day Pol was born, it is raining out there.

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  1. Que relato más lindo. Ojalá el tiempo los acompañe el sábado para que tengan una celebración magnífica en el zoo.