domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

A grown up boy

One week ago we prepared his new bag, he tried on his new rubber boots and I marked all his clothes with his name.

Empezando el cole

Pol loves the day care. He is happy with his new friends, his loving teachers and also with the food they are serving.

Picture 704

But if he has to choose something, a reason why he is the happiest boy in the day-care, he would choose those huge tracks they have there.

Picture 697 copy

Now he can enjoy his favorite hobby: make every wheel rolling, rolling and rolling.

I think that his teachers have already noticed it, because this is his locker.

Picture 695 copy

Tomorrow, we will go there again, but it will not be the first time. My little boy is already a grown up.

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures. Except the first one, all have been taken with my mobile phone but I would like to have something to remember this important week in his life)

By the way, those were my trials to inmortalise his firts day:


What are you trying to do mommy? I do not understand. Why should I hold this?


Women, nobody can understand them! Can we go now to the day-care?

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