domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

At the playground

Our little boy is already showing his personality. He knows where he wants to go, what he wants to eat and above all, what he doesn’t want to do.

It is very funny watching how moves his head saying repeatedly: no, no, no, no. In no time, he will do the same in his new language of adoption: ei, ei , ei, ei.

What he loves the most is going to the playground. Early in the morning he goes where we have the shoes and explains in his own language where he wants to go with his new walking shoes.


If this is not working, he crawls to the door and stays there, "talking", until you open the door. Come on, everybody to the playground!

Here in Helsinki, there are plenty of beautiful playgrounds. They are clean and well cared, with sand and green areas and everything a little boy can ask for.

The one we went on Saturday is not the nearest one to our place, but there is a German bakery in its way, reason enough to walk a little more and enjoy a snack while Pol is playing.


Two weeks in the day care and he moves everywhere with a lot of confidence. He doesn´t need to be near us all the time or ask us for something he wants. He crawls, stands up and sits down all alone. His favourite toys: everything with wheels.


Do you see all those toys? They are not ours. They are in the park, inside the box at the end. The box is like "Ali Baba cave" and it is hiding everything from buckets, shovels, tracks of all sizes to tricycles or three floor garages.

I've told you. Parks in Finland are awesome.

And he can walk alone, or almost alone.


This Friday we had a note from his favourite teacher in the day care. She informed us that he has walked alone for the very first time. On one hand I am very sad, because we missed it, but on the other, I am very proud of our adventurous son, because he wants to run with his friends and not being sitting down alone anymore.


Come on, mommy! Let´s go to the sling.


It's so funny! Higher daddy, higher.

Come on, Pol. It's lunch time and mum and dad are tired. We´ll come back tomorrow.


Ok ,mommy. Tomorrow, more

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