lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

As a dandelion

This is how I feel. Like a Dandelion that loses its leaves without any option to avoid it.

Sin tiempo

Without time.

With a thousand of ideas, projects in my mind, willing to take more pictures, to learn more things, but without time for starting anything.


I know that this is not permanent, that we need organisation and this will pass, but in the meanwhile, I will let it go.

I am going to enjoy the great moments of my life,


(In the zoo. Do you know a happier boy?)

I am going to learn how to live with my errors, at least those not so important

(We spend Sunday with Ruth and her family.
I took the camera, but without a card inside.
At least, I took my phone)

I am going to enjoy small things in life


(This pillow case is one of the things we bought the other day.
Even the tag is beautiful.)

This is one of the things I promised to show you. This is Pol's present from the daycare.


Isn't it a cute card?

Another day, I will explain you how I have created Pol's tag for the school clothes. Other day, When I have more time and better light to take pictures.


Now we are going to sleep.


Good night

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