miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

Mother's day

This weekend we celebrated Mother's day in Finland.

It is funny that Mother's day is not the same day all around the world. Maybe this is because every day should be Mother's day, don't you think so?

Anyway not every day you receive beautiful presents made with so much love and, of course, not every day your kid's kindergarden invites you for coffee and buns

Before continuing my story I want to thank all those teachers that spend their time thinking and looking for a special present to prepare with the kids. This litle something becomes invaluable for fathers, mothers and even grandparents. Believe me, I will never thank you enough.

The point is that teachers from Pol's kindergarden invited all mums for a snack on Thursday afternoon. The important social event started at 2:30, impossible time for a working mum, I may admit. When I arrived, I found the little boy already eating and enjoying his time.


As mommy wasn't on time, he was totally focused on eating his portion and mum's too. I don't blame him, he needs to grow more than me now.


Once he finished, he explained me the whole party without losing even one detail.

Mira lo que te cuento

I have to recognise that although he says many words already, noboby can understand him when he starts with his long speeches. Even though, he seems so convinced  that people keep me asking if he talks proper Spanish. I must admit, I also ask whether is Finish or not, but it seems that he has developed something more similar to the Esperanto language.

This is the beautiful present that he prepared for me. I love the text the teachers write in Spanish for me: "Buena Suerte a la Madre. 13.05.2012. Saludos Pol" , what can be translated as "Good luck for the mother. Greetings Pol"

Mi regalo del día de la madre

For a Spaniard the text it's quite funny, as we do not use "Good luck" to congratulate people. In a context like this, it can be understood as "I know that your boy is a bit naughty. Good luck with him. ;)"

Of course, I do not explain this to the teachers, and a bunch of good luck is something that never should lack, but it is always funny to see what Google Translator does.

As we were the last ones, before going home he taught us how to sing and dance. Even without understanding a word of the songs that he is singing, you can recognise it from the tune. He can sing songs in 4 languages and lately his favourite is "Twinkle, twinkle little star".


When we were able to say good-by to Minnie Mouse and everybody left (including the cooker and the cleaner), we headed to the park. A present like that deserved some god runs.

El mundo a mis pies

Happy day to all the mothers and mothers to be of the world!

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