domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

A birthday in a suitcase

I love parties.

Planning, preparing and of course, enjoying them.

This Saturday was my brothers's birthday and every year, since he is living abroad, I have tried to send him a cake where to put the candles and blow them out.

But not this time. He had no stable place to live and although he was trying to find something, the search was much more difficult than expected.

On Monday evening, I received a e-mail. He had found a wonderful flat and was sending its address just in case. (He was missing his cake, I know)

I had no time for buying or preparing something complicate, so this was what left Finland on Tuesday morning:


Inside, everything needed for a surprise party:


I know, I know, there were no drinks or knives, but, Switzerland cares a lot about what comes into the country, so we were trying to avoid lossing the package in the border.


Everything was tagged with birthday messages.


And I didn't forget to send him candies to share with his mates at school. (:p )


The candles, a tiger and a lion. They came from our last animal party, but I am sure that when he blown them out, he was thinking that they were two little ducks, as his new age.


The truth is that I was thinking on something like that

Source: via Conchi on Pinterest

, but there are plenty of birthdays to celebrate.

Happy birthday, bro!


All the pictures were taken at night and in a sleepy mode.

Next time, we will try to have more time and do it better.

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  1. Looks like the perfect birthday suitcase to me! Hope your brother likes it! =)