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Wedding invitation: Laura & Fernando

My little sister, Laura, got married last September.

One of the first things that she and her now husband did after the decision was taken was to look for a wedding invitation. They visited all paper shops in our home town, but they weren't able to find any invitation that suited them, so I offered them to design one and if they liked it, do it ourselves.

First we discussed about their likes and dislikes, their ideas and inspirations and the first thing that they decided was that they wanted a picture of themselves showing in the invitation.

invitación Laura y Fernando

I have to admit it, this was not my first idea. I was thinking in something different, more related to textures and typography but it was their wedding, not mine, so I started to think about it.

In the meanwhile I went to all craft and paper shops in Helsinki and after touching and feeling different textures and colours of paper, I was convinced that Kraft paper was my favourite.

Event though it is kind of fashion now, it is not an easy type of paper for a wedding invitation. You have to "dress" it to be elegant and special, so the first thing I did was to design a logo, thinking on how they are and in the type of party that they were planning to have.

otro lado sobre 
Confetti and bubbles seemed a good combination to me. A party and a life sorrounded by them sounds great and taking into consideration that they are one of the happiest couple in this world, that had to be their logo.

I ordered it from G&P and they sent it in this beautiful package.

sello gris berenjena paquete
Here you can see more pictures of the packaging.

We decided to stamp it with white ink. I love how it combines with Kraft paper and knowing that we could not print in that colour, stamping sounded a great option.

sello laura y fernando

Fancy a party?

invitacion laura y fernando sello

But we still had the issue with finding the picture representing them, showing how they are and what they want to be together. They were in the process of finding their wedding photographer and I was too far away to take that picture, so it was becoming more and more difficult as the date was approaching. Sometimes living thousands of kilometres away bring such inconvenients.

At the end, we realised that the idea of the wedding was that they were 2 single people that wanted to spend their life together. Why not to choose pictures that talk about them as individuals and tight them together? Why do not use this fact for making their invitation special?

So I introduce you to Fernando and Laura, two different people that together sum more than two. Arent't they cute?

laura y fer
They were a beautiful couple when they were three years old, don't you think so?

Besides their names, date and place of the event we added the sentence "Because together we sum more than two" and we knot the invitation with a ribbon.

invitación fernando y laura fotos

It was quite easy to decide which fonts to use, but we spent quite some time looking for the perfect ribbon. I suggested them a vintage lace combined with red thread, but Fernando was not into lace, so we used red raffia.

Pictures were ordered through  Moo, an on-line printing company that it is specialised in this small format and allows you to print a different picture in every card. They chose several pictures of themselves in the same range of age and situation making every invitation unique as they were able to combine them.

In the back side of the picture they printed their personal data. Although I know that their e-mail addresses and phones are quite important, I didn't like how they fit into the invitation, so we sorted out the problem that way. An advantage is that they can use the spare ones as business cards. Nice idea!

The last touch was introducing the chapel to the invitees. They were getting married in a small church that it is currently not in use, so they wanted to make sure that everybody was able to find it. A map of the city was customised and printed. I highlighted the two important spots: the chapel and the restaurant and painted the walking path with small footprints.

The inner part of the envelope was decorated with a vintage image of the chapel too.

invitacion laura y fernando como llegar

And the invitation was ready to be shared.

invitació laura y fernando os esperamos
 In the back side of the map, I printed some confetti and the sentence "We would love to see you".
(Not a literal translation here)

This is how the whole invitation looked like. A little piece of them as a couple and the introduction to the party to be: a classical wedding but with a different touch. It was a pleasure to design it and be a small part of their love.

invitación Laura y Fernando completa

Fernando and Laura, I wish you all the happiness of this world. You deserve it.

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