lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Declaration of intentions

The dark time is arriving to Helsinki, so it's time to spend weekends with long afternoon teas among friends (although I prefer the Spanish term merienda) or to stop Pinteresting and try to do whatever have inspired me through the last months.

This is exactly what I did last weekend. Many of my friends have been parents lately, so I wanted to send something special to all newborns.

I love party garlands, mostly if they are presented in beautiful colours, so I have crocheted a bunch of them and it was time to prepare the first one to be sent.

para jaime cosaskpasan

First, I prepared a customised wrapping paper. I used some rubber stamps that my sister gave Pol as a birthday present and paper kraft. I like the motifs and until we will be able to tell stories with them (now Pol is too young), they make a perfect wrapping for a newborn baby.

papel jaime cosas kpasan
Picture was taken with  Instagram.

This is how the box looked like.

bienvenido Jaime

I used a lace to finalise the package and a beautiful paper to write a note to Jaime, the beautiful newborn.

paquete cosaskpasan

I know that today's  pictures are not specially amazing. The truth is that I was not planning to share them here, but they are perfect for explaining which are my intentions for this upcoming holiday.

I have decided that this Christmas I will follow Merche's advice and my presents will be handmade (by me or by any small business)

grosso modo
picture from Merche Grossomodo

I have started my list today and it is a promising one.

As one of my first proposals, I want to show you the pictures I took this Sunday. They belong to the catalogue of my friend Helena. She is doing beautiful crocheted things, as these Christmas decorations.

white sheep cosaskpasan

I'm in love with them and I think that they are the perfect decoration for a simple Christmas theme or for families like us, with children that would like to redecorate the Christmas tree every day.

If you want to see more pictures of this session, pay a visit to White Sheep. I am sure you will find something you like.

Let's make this Christmas special for everybody!

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