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This is Pol's last week in the päiväkoti (daycare in Finish).

In Finland, summer holidays are totally different than in Spain. Schools close earlier and it is July, instead of August, the month when everybody goes on holidays.

pol piscina
I know that it is almost impossible to believe, but this picture was taken in January.
Outside was nearly -15ºC but Pol's päivakoti organised a summer party.
I din't take the picture, it is in the cd that Pol's teachers gave us as a present. Isn't it the sweetest idea?

In July everything stops. The shop are closed, there is no restock and the city empties.  I cannot understand yet why almost all restaurants close when is high season for tourism.

But let me come back to my first topic, the end of school period, because today I want to show you the present that we prepared for Pol's teachers.

As we do not speak any Finish, along this year, all his four teachers have been forced to talk to us in a foreign language and, as English was not enough for them, they have learned some words in Spanish just for the sake of repeating them to Pol.

There is something I will not forget. As Pol's grandparents live far away, the teachers have sent them a little package full of Pol's pictures showing a normal day in the daycare and some paintings made by him.

pol comiendo
This picture was taken in November. I do not need to explain you that Pol was learning to eat alone.
Again the picture comes from the cd that the teachers gave us as a present.

During this year, they helped him to eat, taught him to do it alone, to wash his hand and to share things with other babies. They looked after him, checking all the time all the dangerous places as these are the ones that he loves, and even they have gone with him to the Hospital.

Our little one loves them and we also do. And for these and many other reasons we want to tell them THANK YOU.

And this is what we did.

kiitos cookies
Kiitos means thank you in Finish.

We made some salty cookies using these beautiful cookie cutters.

I will not post the recipe because it was not so good as we were looking for, but if you are interested, I know that SandeeA, from la Receta de la felicidad, is planning to publish one. This is a lovely blog and she also writes in English, so go and check it.

The most difficult thing was finding a box big enough to keep them in. The idea was that they will be able to read the word when they open the box and there are not so many nice big boxes in the market.

At the end, I found these beautiful suitcase, aren't they?

I used some washi tape and some beautiful stamps and here you are.

maletas washi tape

4 different styles to choose from. Flowers, neon, glitter, bakers twine,..., it was funny to prepare them.

I also used some stamps: butterflies, houses and fancy bikes in different colours.

Bike stamp

Everything made with love and with the little one help (at least he tried to put some washi tape and ate the cookies dough before putting it in the oven)

with love

I knew beforehand that they were going to love it. When they asked for an envelope for the grandparent's present, I gave them decorated with washi tape and colour pens.

They loved the idea so much that they prepared this garland inspired in mine.


We gave them the present last Friday, as some of them started today their holidays and they love it.

If there is any teacher reading this, I would like to dedicate this present also to you. We want to tell you  "Kiitos".

Because everything you do for our kids every day means a lot for us.

THANK YOU by heart!

Gracias de corazón

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