martes, 19 de junio de 2012

Fulfilling resolutions

Some time ago, Ariadna talked me about Minna and her shop Paloni.

Ari’s creations are selling there and she told me that Minna is such a nice person that I should go and meet her.

This is how I fulfilled one of the resolutions I made to myself when I moved to Finland: crocheting again

Actually my resolutions covered also learning to sew and knit, but I think that this is a good beginning, isn’t it?

I learned to crochet long time ago, as many of other Spanish girls of my age. My great-grandmother taught me, but I considered it too old-fashion at that time and never did it again. It is funny to see how it has been reinvented and I am happy to see that it is a new trend everywhere.

Do you know las abuelitas modernas (modern grannies) of Barcelona? One day I would like to be like them.

In my first visit to Paloni, I learned how to crochet baskets.

My baskets

Mine is the grey one. I know that it is not perfect, but I am very proud of it, because last time I used a needle I was only 10 years old.

Our teacher; Molla Mills, is a real institution in Finland. She is the type of person that it’s a really pleasure to meet:  friendly, close and with an eye on design in everything she touches.

Paloni y Molla Mills

It was such a good experience, than when I knew that they were organising a crocheting event, I was totally into it.


The idea behind it was making crochet garlands for a project I will explain you in the future. A project that is focused in doing things prettier and I love it.

Crochet bunting

When we arrived, the tables were full of colofoul yarn and many people working hard and enjoying as well.


The weather was awful, as you can see from our clothes, but the people and the colours warmed the environment and we didn't feel the cold so much. Ok. I admit it, the blankets and the hot tea helped a bit too.


As always I was the slowest of everybody. I needed to count carefully and restart several times, but I am sure I will be faster next time and able to participate in the conversations.

(How hard is learning ! :))

My work in progress

Of course, I stopped to make this pictures and watch how the others were crocheting one stitch after the other.


At the end I only finished one link of the chain, but I brought yarn home and I am determined to decorate the whole Helsinki with garlands. Let's see if I manage!

The first one

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