lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

A winter afternoon - Crustum

I haven't forgotten you. It's only that sometimes real life is busier than expected, so I only have time to post in Spanish. Pay a visit to Cosas que Pasan if you want to see how our life is going on. Pictures has no language :)

This Saturday started really early, at 6:24 AM exactly. Jaume and I have an agreement: he can sleep all what he wants on Saturdays and I do the same on Sundays. I never thought before that sleeping one hour more will become a luxury, but it is.

So this Saturday when Pol wake up, this was waiting for us at the other side of the window. Amazing, isn't it?


Under that magic light we jumped up and down in bed, we waved hello to all dogs and owners that happened to pass under our window and we also had time to watch some old pictures and play with his favorite toys. (Firetruckers, diggers and cranes are in the top ten right now)


We spent the morning fixing things at home so before we realized, the sun was gone and outside and amazing snow storm was starting.

As we wanted to spend some time outside, we decided to swap plans and have an amazing afternoon snack instead of a wonderful breakfast. Crustum was the place selected.


Crustum is a kind of bakery - patisserie and coffee shop all in one with the best cakes and breads in Helsinki area.

On Sunday morning, while I am spending my time happily sleeping, my two favorite boys used to go there and buy for me warm cakes and croissants. The perfect breakfast and heaven in earth.

Crustum is the kind of place where time goes slowly, food is good and children can play without anyone complaining.


We ordered hot chocolate (different kinds), chocolate cake and croissants and while Pol was eating and tasting everything, we spent the afternoon watching people talking and the snow falling in big flakes (my favorite one). We were also painting like artists in a magic board we found there: mouses, houses and all kind of doodles from Pol, the artist.


A perfect Saturday afternoon, the kind that come unexpectedly, but leaves you with a warm feeling of happiness.. We will definitely repeat it again.


If you live in Helsinki or you are just visiting, Crustum is one of the places to go.
They also have a fabulous brunch on weekends, but try to arrive early because it is always fully booked.


Pursimiehenkatu, 7


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  1. I think I heard about Crustum somewhere and now since you remind me of that place, I think I should visit it soon :) Your child is so lovely by the way!

  2. I may have to institute this when our baby comes! I already have trouble sleeping with my big belly and hear it only gets worse, lol. Lovely shots:)

  3. Pedazo de fotones que tiene tu blog, me ha encantado,bss