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Games along the world

Last week Kireei published the third number of its on-line magazine: Kireei Magazine.

Source: kireei.com via Conchi on Pinterest

If you haven't heard about  Kireei, you should have a look at it.

Kireei is a Japanese word referring to a catalogue of beautiful things, and this is exactly what the blog is. Cris and Meisi, the authors, are able to find beauty everywhere they look. It's so relaxing and inspiring watching everything they have to show us!

Some months ago they contacted us to see if we were interested in being part of one of the articles. The article was about games are along the world and we were very pleased to say YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

We shared it with amazing bloggers all around the world. If you don't know them, go and visit their sites. You're going to love them:
  • Irene, from Bloesem Kids. The kind of blog where you can spend ages looking at beautiful and inspiring things for kids.
  • Noemi, from Cozy and free. An on-line shop with amazing clothes for children.
  • Marie, from Brichopas. From Czech Republic, Marie shows her hand-made dolls and toys. It is in Czech, of course, but google translator always helps when it is needed.
  • Emilie, Esther and Courtney from Babyccino. Thanks to their tips I organised our trip to Paris with Pol..
  • Bárbara, from Caos Magazine. She has a wonderful magazine in Spanish for modern parents. If you live in Barcelona, don't miss their Baby Disco. I'm willing to go there!
  • And us, Cosas que pasan, a Spanish family enjoying life in Helsinki.

You can read the article in page 79 of the magazine

Here are some of the trials for the picture I sent them. We had a wonderful afternoon playing.

Mum and dad posing, but Pol was not very co-operative:


We were so into playing with him, that I didn't realise that our hands where out of focus:


Of course we had moved images:


And mum with the remote on her hand (because I deserve it):


Pol was trying to knock the tower off. Of course, he managed to do it, and we realised that this was the real game, not our pretend beautiful tower.

So this was the chosen one. We were happy, weren't we?

  En Kireei Magazine

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  1. I have to check it out! Nice pictures! =D

    I have a giveaway in my blog if you are interested! ;)